Reliable Global Network

Our global integrated communications network includes 52 geostationary satellites in prime orbital locations and a worldwide ground-based network of teleports, fiber, and Internet points of presence at strategic exchange points.

Terrestrial Infrastructure

Al-Harbi Telecom currently operates multiple Teleports in London, Riyadh and another six teleport facilities with our business partners, four in the USA (Riverside, CA; Mountainside, MD, Atlanta, GA, and Napa, CA) and one in Europe (Fuchsstadt, Germany). In addition Al-Harbi Telecom leases facilities in Hong Kong. In addition, Al-Harbi Telecom has a PoP logically associated with every teleport (Los Angeles CA, Atlanta CA, McLean VA, New York NY and London UK) which are interconnected via Level (3)’s fiber optic network enabling us to seamlessly transport traffic around the world.

IP Infrastructure

In addition, where necessary, we have the flexibility to provide local loop circuits to take traffic direct to a customers premise location, if that is required. Each teleport is also connected to a Tier-1 multi-homed ISP backbone network provided by UUNET, Level (3) and Teleglobe, terminating IP traffic with the most appropriate ISP at the most appropriate location. We also offer collocation facilities at our teleports enabling our customers to locate hub equipment in a secure environment with level 1 technical support. This infrastructure, combined with our satellite capacity, enables us to provide global solutions for our customer network requirements.

Advance Connectivity Solution

Al Harbi Telecom advance connectivity solution is comprised of multi operators’, multi connectivity, multi technologies types’ and multi services; with (One support center, One SLA and a 24/7 installation center).

Al Harbi Telecom Network

This is what makes AHT Different.

AHT’s Communications Partners

  • Asia
    • KSA
      1. STC
      2. Mobily
      3. Atheeb
  • Europe
    • United Kingdom
      1. British Telecom
      2. COLT (City of London Telecom)
      3. Cable and Wireless ( Mercury)
      4. Level 3
    • Norway
      1. Telenor
    • France
      1. France Telecom
      2. Cogent Telecom
    • Spain
      1. JAZZTEL
      2. Telefonica Telecom
    • Germany
      1. Deutch Telecom
  • North America
    • USA
      1. Intelsat
      2. ATT
      3. Verizon
  • Rest Of Globe
    • Various Part Utilities as Requirements