Total Connectivity

Total Communications and Connectivity – Al Harbi Telecom unites every item to every item; nothing is omitted. In all cases total Communications Connectivity;

  • WAN
  • Video Teleconferencing.
  • IP integration.
  • UAV IP integration.
  • Rotary Wing and Fixed wing RF integration.
  • Vehicle, both manned and unmanned integration.
  • RF integration.
  • Local Telephony integration.
  • Smartphone, Lap Top, IPad integration.
  • Total System Command and Control integration, management and action, all integration.

This is what AHT is all about, keeping you, your company, your city, your Kingdom, safe and providing your needs with “ AHT in-touch” actions.

Joint Operation Center

AHT, as GLOBAL WAN provides the complete connectivity to all sections of a Command and Control Network; we link all the services into Command and Control HQ, as well as to Mobile Command Centres (MCC) and even can provide “Manpackable” Command and Control units to more positively disperse the Command and Control capability. AHT has the 20+ years expertise to complete and perfect its Defense WAN Mission so that our Client can complete his. AHT offers 24 x 7 Installation, 24 x 7 Support, 24 x 7 Technical Management and Consultation.

Different Media Interoperability

The primary key in Fluid, “Need You Right Now. (NYRN)” capability is AHT’s design, development, of LINKALL capability. AHT can link to ANY RF, ANY Smartphone, ANY Maritime, ANY Command and Control facility, to ANY Airborne asset; ANY Mobile Track or Wheeled asset, to ANY Airborne UAV, to ANY other RF, Smartphone, Maritime, Command and Control facility, to Airborne asset, Mobile Track or Wheeled asset; in one (1) Fully consolidated package.

AHT SATCOM Field Solutions for National Security & Defense

AHT Total Mobile MilSpec Connectivity

C4i WAN Connectivity

Maritime and or Airborne C4i WAN Connectivity

Al Harbi Telecom IS the Solutions Creator that connects any and all of the C4I, C4IS, C4ISRI together. We are the Strategic Link and Support that combines all providers into one, or multiple routes. AHT uses its 22+ years of experience to make sure your team completes its mission. AHT designs, connects and watches over your network 24/7. AHT never sleeps.