End To End Communications

AHT decades long history of communications connectivity allow it to be in and on the forefront of Multi-Communications Capability. What this action produces is AHT’s ability to Create Solutions for its clients. The AHT Solutions is fully backed up by the AHT 24/7 Support and installation. With AHT your project is “Always Connected and Always on”.

Data & Internet Services

Al Harbi Telecom (AHT) provides your company with the latest and most developed internet connectivity. Whether your internet is within Saudi Arabia, GCC, MENA or the Globe, AHT can provide it.

AHT can also provide your company with the WWW cloud to access companies and services utilizing Virtual Private Networking (VPN). This feature is a cost savings feature; using the VPN AHT can create a method that allow you to access services, leave files, and work with email, virtually anything and everything.

Through its access to the WWW cloud AHT can also provide your company with Videoconferencing, this feature saves time and money gives near instant connectivity for Management to Management, or any other department fast, secure, on-line, always on video conference.

In addition, where necessary, we have the flexibility to provide local loop circuits to take traffic direct to a customer’s premise location, if that is required. Each teleport is also connected to a Tier-1 multi-homed ISP backbone network provided by UUNET, Level (3) and Teleglobe, terminating IP traffic with the most appropriate ISP at the most appropriate location. We also offer collocation facilities at our teleports enabling our customers to locate hub equipment in a secure environment with level 1 technical support. This infrastructure, combined with our satellite capacity, enables us to provide global solutions for our customer network requirements.

  • Services
    1. Super Redundant Net:- One of the fastest Internet in the Globe with service availability of 99.999%
    2. Super Net: one of the fastest internet in the globe.
    3. Gold Net: Standard 1:1 Internet.
    4. High Quality Data Links
    5. IPVPN
    6. IMPLS
    7. DOD-DID
    8. VoIP
    9. ISDN
    10. Global PBX
  • Value-Added Services
    1. Smart security monitoring
    2. Video on demand
    3. Voice
    4. Distance Learning and Virtual Learning Experience (VLE)
    5. Content and advertising provision
    6. Security CTV monitoring
    7. Video conferencing HD

Mobile Services

On the move, on the job, and connected; AHT can provide your company with communications no matter what the vehicle. We can link point to point, or point to Multipoint, as well as internet, videoconference, helping you in disaster recovery, or just keeping your company in contact. In Saudi Arabia, where distances are vast, companies are always on the move, AHT mobile communications are always in-touch.

Voice Services

AHT can provide your company with full voice services, whether in the middle of the ocean or the middle of the land, anywhere in Saudi Arabia. AHT can provide Direct Inward Dialing and Direct Outward Dialing; we can connect your IP telephones, your call manager systems, your Digital Private Branch Exchanges; you need only to ask for AHT to design this service.

Satellite Services

AHT was the first (1st) provider of VSAT in Saudi Arabia.

With our local and international partner’s Al-Harbi Telecom’s network covers over 99% of the world's populated regions, with fiber networks and more than 135 satellites, this capacity is suitable for both regional loop back networks as well as international services. With an increased focus on developing advanced communications technologies, the company will meet the needs of broadcasters, businesses, governments, and consumers worldwide.

Al Harbi provides full Managed Satellite Services. We can provide

  • Shared or private networks
  • Star, or Mesh platforms
  • Committed Information Rates (CIR) services
  • Stationary or Mobile platforms
  • Connectivity to Internet or to clouds

In Motion VSAT Communications

AHT can connect vehicles and/ or any in-motion method via the World Wide Web (WWW), Internet. AHT uses the most advanced Maritime Satellite VSAT connectivity hardware.

Mobile Satellite Communications

AHT believes that there is an increasing demand for mobile access to live media and information on the move. Our goal is to connect mobile users to the satellite TV, communications, and Internet services they wish to use while on the go.

Our products offer:

  • A family of solutions for the mobile consumer on sea, land, and air.
  • In-motion passenger entertainment via high-powered regional satellite TV services and our fully stabilized antenna technology.
  • Mobile satellite communications around the globe via our powerful mini-VSAT Broadband satellite communications service and Inmarsat airtime services.
  • The benefit of strong relationships with other industry leaders, including Intelsat, and others; and
  • A commitment to quality customer support through our Certified Support Network (CSN), an international network of skilled technical dealers and support centers.

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Customized Integrated Services

VSAT To Internet

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